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[01/07/2020] Game Updates - Theatre Of Blood, Tournament Updates & more
By Trick - July 01st, 2020



After a long wait, we have finally arrived! Theatre Of Blood is finally here! Down below, you will be able to find the latest updates & bug fixes that have been completed. 


  • Theatre Of Blood has arrived!
    • Ability to participate in the Theatre Of Blood with a party of 1-5 people
    • Create a party using the notice board outside of the entrance
    • For the first week, HCIM will NOT lose their status in Theatre Of Blood so they are able to participate & practice as well
    • For the first week, Scythe of Vitur will continue to not have a need to be charged. After a week, the charging mechanics with vials of blood will be implemented into Vitality.
    • Items dropped on the ground will appear immediately to other party members
  • Maiden Of Sugadinti
    • The first boss you will encounter - The Maiden will target the nearest person to her with a magic-attack whilst simultaneously spawning bloods that will heal her if you stand in it. At various stages of her health, she will summon Nylocas Matomenos, whom will heal her if they get too close.
  • Pestilent Bloat
    • The bloat - When caught in The Bloat's line of sight, He will send flies to attack the player, causing rapid damage and a possibility of it spreading to the other players in the raid. After a while, The Bloat will drop hands from the ceiling - if hit by one, you will be stunned & take massive damage.
  • Nylocas Vasilias
    • This wave will begin with a wave-like defense against Nylocas Hagios (mage), Nylocas Ischyros (melee)  & Nylocas Toxobolos (Ranged). These three Nylocas's will attack the pillars found on the corners of the rooms & the players. If all 4 pillars are managed to be taken down, then the raid will end there and you will have failed. However, if you survive & defeat the hoard of Nylocas, Nylocas Vasilias will spawn. She will change combat styles throughout the fight. Failure to attack with the correct attack style will result in her gaining health back.
      • Nylocas Vasilias will change styles every 10 seconds instead of every 6 seconds like OSRS
  • Sotetseg
    • Sotetseg is an immobile dark beast who uses Melee Based attacks while occasionally small red projectiles (magic) or grey projectiles (ranged). These projectiles can be blocked with the overhead prayers. If you fail to block these attacks, your prayer will be slashed and unusable for 3 seconds. Sotetseg also has the ability to send out a large projectile that will result in total damage of 121 if hit, but can be shared amongst the party members if they are within 1 tile. At certain points, Sotetseg will teleport a player to the Shadow Realm where they must transverse a maze laid out by the red tiles; all other players will be traversing the same maze but only able to see the tiles that the player in the Shadow Realm has stepped on.
  • Xarpus
    • Xarpus will summon Exhumes on the ground that players must stand on, otherwise they will heal Xarpus. After this phase ends, Xarpus will begin to attack players by launching poison at players, which will damage them if they don't move at-least 2 tiles away. The poison persists throughout the remainder of the fight. At some point in the fight, Xarpus will begin to scream & stop launching poison. During this stage, if a player attacks Xarpus and he is looking at the player, they will take massive damage for each attack made.
  • Verzik
    • The Final Boss - The first phase of Verzik begins with the players hiding behind the pillars to protect themselves from a potential 1 hit kill, while also simultaneously dealing damage to Verzik on the throne with the Dawnbringer.
    • For the second phase, Verzik will come down from her throne to the middle of the room and begin attacking players with a ranged attack whilst occasionally sending out for Nylocas, who will explode if not killed. She will also send out a blue ball that must be directed back to her, otherwise causing the player to take large damage. At a certain point, she will summon Two Nylocas Matomenos that must be killed or will heal Verzik for the remaining health they have left.
    • For the Third Phase, Verzik will become a spooky spider that will target one player as the tank. She will occasionally send out webs that will ensnare and deal damage to them. She can also send out large, potential one hit kills to players unless they are standing on the yellow circles that are spawned throughout the room. At low health, Verzik will summon tornadoes that will constantly follow each player - if you are hit by the tornado, you will take heavy damage and Verzik will get healed.
  • TOB Rewards
    • Justicar Armour
      • Wearing the full set applies a damage reduction in PvM Scenarios and is considered one of the best tank gear in the game.
    • Scythe Of Vitur
      • Has  a multi-hit effect which allows you to hit large NPCs multiple times, or multiple small NPCs at the same time.
    • Sanguinesti Staff
      • Charge with blood runes
      • Has a built-in magic spell that can be used regardless of the spellbook that the player is using
      • Has a healing passive effect in which successful hits have a 1/6 chance of healing the player half the amount of hitpoints dealt to a target.
    • Avernic Hilt
      • Used to create the Avernic Defender, an upgraded version of the Dragon Defender.
    • Ghrazi Rapier
      • Provides the highest strength and stab bomus.
  • Tournament Configurations
    • Replaced Super Restore(4) with Sanfew Serum(4)
    • Updated the Pure NH & Main NH gear
    • Updated the Pure Melee gear
    • Updated the NH Main inventory & added mithril seeds
    • Updated the Dharok's special weapon from Armadyl Godsword to Dragon Claws
    • Updated the No arm gear
    • Removed the regular brid tournament & updated the max brid tournament
    • Added Max Melee Zerk tournament
    • Added Max Main Vesta tournament
    • Added Max NH Main tournament
    • Specials now save as long as a cannon is deployed or another person stays in the cave.
  • Server Optimization
    • Improved Server Logging to track any issues with the changes made.
  • Small Content
    • New Maxed Gear Mode for inferno
      • Pay 5M to practice the Inferno! You will be provided with a full gear setup and be able to practice as much as you desire!
    • Ability to load presets at COX, TOB & FFA
    • Opal Dragon Bolts (e) added to Wilderness Points Shop
    • Ability to sell void pieces back for commendation points
    • Anti Venom+ now works properly
    • Skill Cape Perks now work for the following capes:
      • Ranged Cape
      • Magic Cape
      • Construction Cape
      • Crafting Cape
      • Cooking Cape
      • Smithing Cape
  • Vorkath Fixes
    • No longer able to move during Vorkath's "Frozen Attack"
    • Fixed being able to move back and forth during Vorkath's poison attack
    • Vorkath now properly heals when you walk over the poison pool
    • Super Antifire potions now protect you fully from Vorkath
    • Zombified Spawn has been increased
  • Bug Fixes:
    • PvP Supply Chest preventing you from sending a Private Message has been fixed.
    • PvP Tournament preventing you from sending a Private Message has been fixed.
    • Zulrah Rotations have been reworked.
    • Venom from mutagens/blowpipe now work on monsters.
    • Poison causing you to lose untradeables has been fixed.
    • Visual double loot bug will no longer appear.
    • Zamorakian Hasta now reduces damage by 50%
    • Auto-retaliate skull bug has been fixed.
    • Nerfed Bandos Minions to OSRS Stats
    • Checking box traps while catching chins will now make you take damage if attacked
    • Olm can no longer be meleed with Scythe








Thanks for reading!

Vitality Management

July 2020 Member of the Month
By 7 Dust - June 28th, 2020

The administration team has been thinking of ways to help give back to our wonderful community and one of these ways will be through a featured member of the month, each month going forward! The way this will work is 4 days before the 1st of each month, an announcement will be made on discord/forums with the nominees for the upcoming month. These 3 nominees will be chosen by the staff team and then the general public will vote on the overall winner.

Prizes for the member of the month will include:
-Own role on forums
-Own role on discord
-$75 in vitality store credits to be attributed to your account

This role will persist through the whole month and the voting will close at 3:00pm EST on July 1st.  So without further ado, here are the nominations for the upcoming July 2020 member of the month for vitality! 

  • 52xp
  • Bloom/Hun
  • Stepdown


Just a caveat because apparently its not obvious enough: if anyone is found asking for votes, paying for votes, etc. they will automatically be disqualified.